Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beautiful trails, good friends, stunning scenery...

This week, the TTT was moved to Wednesday. Instead of eating the normal Rubio tacos, we switched things up with some In-n-Out.

We also switched up the normal climb to a different route, before finding a newer trail to us.

 Good move. The trail was a masterpiece of trail that weaved in-n-out of the slickrock boulders and lines.

                                                 Jbake trying to climb the steep slickrock.

Some moves would have to wait another day, like this one. Others were conquered by at least one of us.

Attacking ocotillo!

Try, try, try again...

When everything seems to be going perfectly, even the lighting is on cue tonight. It would be hard to ask for a better way to spend an evening on the bike. A beautiful trail, good friends, stunning is what you make of it, but having the aforementioned things can really give you a surreal perspective.
Next Tuesday, we will do it all again....

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