Sunday, January 30, 2011


If you are not familiar with the Ripsey Segment of the Arizona Trail, check out the Antelope Peak Challenge 115 mile course (that happened yesterday).

Sometimes it's just easier to let the pixels do the talking.

You can see why this section was voted "Best Ridgeline in Arizona" by me.

Max said it best as he was doing the 115-mile ride yesterday.."Even the open pit mine (see above picture, background) looks amazing."

Switchback masters needed during this segment. Steep and unforgiving, this is where you learn how to ride a switchback.

The day ended with a recon on some short (albeit sweet) section of the Arizona Trail. In case you ever wondered where your money is going each time you donate to the Arizona Trail Association, look no farther.


Harry James said...

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Rob said...

Looks like great trails. I like the switchbacks and rocky sections. I ride in Oregon and have been just starting to add pics to my blog. No pics as nice as yours- How do you keep the camera easily accessible?


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