Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you want to bikepack in the winter?

I got the call from Scott a few days ago about another bikepacking route idea. I was flattered when he choose me. Without too much hesitation, I joyfully and emphatically said yes!

Only later he described the route. The majority of the route he described was dirt roads, although he lured me in with a promise of a small section of singletrack... migrant singletrack. Our first sighting of the migrant trail seemed promising....several fresh footprints, with an occasional overgrown section.

As things continued past the last section of double track, the singletrack only improved. I think it was Scott who commented how well the singletrack was built. Besides the few overgrown sections, this migrant trail looked like it belonged in the Tucson Mountain Park.

See any peaks or mountain ranges that look familiar?

As usual, Scott seemed to be riding his bike more than both Lee and I combined.

After talking with a few local ranchers, we continued in toward Roskruge (whoa whoa, pump the brakes! Make sure you say Roskruge with your best Irish accent).

to more singletrack. Here is Scott looking inquisitively when asked about the name of the new route. His name sounds pretty legit, although I will let him disclose more of the beta on the route. My hint: think Guero Canelo/Sonoran Hot Dogs meets southern Arizona migrant trails/AZ Trail.

What would a route be without a few barbed wire fences standing in the way?

Items left behind by the migrants were everywhere. The amount of backpacks, phone cards, clothes, toiletries, and bottles was staggering. While riding, it was tought not to think of the people that have walked this singletrack, migrants and drug runners alike. The former are in search of money for their family back home. Pretty noble given the harsh environment out there.

The well-built singletrack continued for ~3 miles toward Roskruge and the Land of Many Cacti.

In about 7 hours, we only saw 2 cars. Desolate. Parched. Perfect for winter riding.

..but pretty area.

I compare exploring new routes (ST or DT) to buying a new bike....gitty is how I would describe it. I anxiously await completing the loop.

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