Monday, August 11, 2008

Ninja warriors

There were 23 participants on Saturday, most I think were just intent on doing the firs lap around Humphreys. Nonetheless, six of us completed the entire 88 miles on Saturday despite the rain and mud. Honestly, the Crazy 88 was one of the best grassroots races I have ever done. Great job Nathan. If you missed this one, you missed out. The option to have two different loops contributed to the good turnout. I foresee a time when grassroots racing becomes more prevalent than over-priced, forest road racing in Arizona.

I look forward to many more races up in Flagstaff by the Handlebar Sandwich. Finally, great job to Jason also for conquering the entire route.


Matt said...

Only a tri-geek would actually enjoy a LeMans start! Way to go amigo!

Chad said...

Word. Lame-o tri geeks.


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