Monday, July 28, 2008

New job=longer commute

Rough scale of the new route: Orange Grove-La Cholla-Rillito Bike Path-Mtn-Bike Path-UA Tunnel-3rd Bike Path

The new bike gig is now 14.5 miles away from my house, good news for the daily workout. Today, I logged in 70+ road miles since I went to work and did my nightly ride. The new commute has 3 different bike routes on it (3rd, Rillito River, and Mountain), 4 water fountains, and 2 public restrooms available. Tomorrow, I have an interview for a Spanish teaching job at a nearby private school. This Wednesday and Thursday are my last two "vacation days" of the summer. I am planning on a overnight trip with the Leviathan on Mt Lemmon. I need to make the tyvek bivy sack tomorrow (stole the idea from Siren's Brenden) and put on the new saddle that I got from The Path Bike Shop. More info and pictures later.


sirenbicycles said...

Don't know if you saw the Tyvek bivy I blogged about a couple weeks ago.. but it's steamy. Be sure to give yourself some good ventilation!

Chad said...

Si Senor.... I gave you some credit for the idea :) (after a quick edit). In my haste, I forgot to give you some props and thanks for the help. I will let you know what I think about it and show you some picture of the final product.

Cat Zavala said...

Hey, make sure you figure out how long the commute is...hate to see you late for work. HAHA!! it's going to be weird working with you.


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