Friday, May 11, 2007

Sedona and Fossil Springs

To celebrate the close of the school year, we went mountain biking in Sedona for two days and backpacking in the Coconino National Forest for two days. The first night we camped out in the Manzanita Campground in Oak Creek and ate at the Oak Creek Brewery.

On the second day we split up and I was mountain biking solo around the perimeter of Sedona, doing trails like Cathedral, Baldwin, Templeton, and Schnebly.

It was perfect weather. That night we camped on a forest road outside of Flagstaff in order to avoid traffic and camping fees. The next morning, we drove to Strawberry in order to do the backpack into Fossil Springs. There were 2 rope swings, caves, bright blue water, amazing green vegetation, places to cliff jump. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the "fun-factor" was higher than Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon and might be the second best waterhole in Arizona (Havasu Falls being #1).

We stayed for two days in the area. We slept outside, under the stars (no tent) the entire trip, but the last day in the springs, I got eaten by a spider. So as I write this I am a little itchy.

Near the tree bridge and source of the spring. We camped above this section, very close to the first tree swing.

One of the two rope swings that we used while in Fossil Springs. It was pretty sweet!

The waterfall at the dam. This used to be an old hydroelectric plant for 100 years until it was decommissioned last year and turned back to its natural state. Notice the round shaped "pothole" that is connected to the river via a small cave underwater.

This picture is me jumping into the river below the waterfall in order to swim under into the cave and into the "pothole."

Click here if you are interested in reading more about Fossil Springs on the Coconino National Forest website.

I hope to post more pictures from Sedona later.

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