Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Housekeeping: trickle-down economics or insult?

I've been given some thought lately to getting a housekeeper.

Not the live-in kind, but just someone who could come by every week or so and tidy up. See, here in Mexico, things can get dirty fast. I have some pretty big windows, and those things are filthy within moments after I wash them. And it seems like every other day that I have to wipe a thick layer of dust off the surfaces around my apartment.

It's actually quite common here for average folk like me to have a once-a-week housekeeper, and from what others tell me, it's also quite affordable. Still, the concept of having someone clean my house makes me a little uneasy.

First, there's the personal responsibility issue. After all, the accumulation of scum in my shower stall is my doing and my doing alone, so really it seems like it should be my responsibility to clean it up.

Then, another thing that occurs to me is the whole power-structure/class relationship involved in having a housekeeper. I mean, just because someone has had the misfortune to be born into a lower socio-economic class than me, does that mean that they should also be forced to scrape three-day-old scrambled eggs off of my stovetop? That's just seems like adding insult to injury.

Now of course I realize that there are plenty of people out there who need work, so in that way I'd be doing someone a favor by hiring them to clean my house. And maybe I'd end up hiring someone who was really cool and we'd end up being friends or something.

You see, any way you slice it, it's a tough call. I guess I'd better think on it some more.

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